In the 30-odd years that I’ve known Simon, he has excelled at everything he’s turned his hand to, which of course includes being a brilliant live and studio engineer – no one has ears like Simon!” – Richard Thompson, on working with Simon as co-producer and mix engineer on several albums and long time live engineer.

Simon Tassano takes mixing beyond mere technical excellence and into the realm of true artistry.  He’s got great ears, impeccable taste, and the ability to bring the coveted ‘damn, that sounds great!’ response into play on every recording.  We musicians are notoriously protective of our sounds, and with my music there’s no one I’d trust more than Simon.” – Michael Schatte, on working with Simon as mix engineer on his forthcoming release Turn Back the Vikings.

Simon is so easy to work with. Although we recorded the tracks on the other side of the world to each other, his empathy with the vibe and intended direction of each song was absolutely spot on. There’s a love and an attention to detail that he puts into tracks which was instantly obvious and could be heard from his very first mix. I loved working with Simon.” – Rob Lear, on working with Simon as co-producer and mix engineer on Let It Go.

I’ve worked closely with Simon in all sorts of contexts – live sound, orchestral recording, overdubbing, editing, mixing and in developing a sound concept for music full of complex timbres and innovative textures. He’s always been the greatest possible collaborator: a master craftsman with a million dollar set of ears and a sonic imagination to die for. Combine that with a passion for excellence and a huge heart, and you’ve got the best in the biz. There’s no one better than Simon!” – Peter Askim, conductor of the Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra.

“‘A thin membrane stretched across the surface of reality contains a thousand scattered images….’ a visualization of sound, perhaps, that Simon brought into one of our many projects together. Expertly sculpting all those images into a sonic masterpiece where each element shines and vibrates in its optimum place in the overall painting is how Simon creates magic in the mix, in the studio and on the stage. It’s in the ears and what lies between.” –Stephen Kent, didjeridoo master, composer, performer, and world music DJ.

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