From folk and folk-rock to the improvisional jazz scene in London, to Welsh rock and reggae, to modern dance sound tracks, to alt pop and world music, London born Simon Tassano has been involved with the making, recording, mixing and production of music for many years. He has been working with Richard Thompson for 30 plus years, both live and in the studio. His expertise in mixing and preparing live recordings for commercial release was employed on Thompson’s grammy nominated Dream Attic. He has also had a long collaboration with didjeridu master Stephen Kent, working together through Lights In a Fat City (the original didjeridu based combo of the London Rave scene in the mid/late 80’s who released the seminal LP “Somewhere”), Trance Mission (San Francisco based “4th World” band), dance pieces, and many solo projects as producer and engineer. For several years he was one of the few non Welsh-speaking engineers and producers working at Sian Studio in North Wales, working with Geraint Jarman, Rhiannon Tomas, Endaf Emlyn, Myfyr Issac among others. After many years in Austin, TX he is now based in Charlottesville, VA. Working in the digital domain but employing tube outboard equipment for processing and summing, Simon produces quality recordings of the highest standard. Simon hears all projects as unique one-offs; rates and terms can be openly discussed to fit a particular client’s needs and budget.

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